South Carolina Named National Leader in Foreign Business Investment

South Carolina has long been a leader of inbound investment from across the world.  Starting with the textile industry in the 1960s through the explosion of automotive, chemical and aviation investments in recent years, South Carolina has welcomed international companies and made them very successful.   As a testament to its success, IBM Plant Location International ranked South Carolina Number One in the United States for attracting jobs through foreign investment.  You can learn more at IBM Global Location Trends 2012 Annual Report.

The reasons that so many companies choose South Carolina include an excellent workforce, a low cost of doing business, a world-class port,  a strategic east coast location, extensive incentive programs, and good working relationships between government and business.   As noted by Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt, “South Carolina is just right for business, and plenty of international companies know it. Hundreds of foreign firms employ tens of thousands of residents throughout our state, creating wealth and helping make the communities they’re in sustainable.”

It is important to note that foreign investment in South Carolina is not just for the very large companies that make their home here such as BMW and Michelin. It  is also an excellent location for small and mid-sized enterprises.  Perhaps it is the Southern way of making everyone feel like family, but South Carolina makes a concerted effort to build a strong support system around all companies who come here.  This is especially important for firms that take may not have a great deal of internal expertise or experience in the US market.  There are abundant programs for workforce training, tax incentives, job tax credits, product research partnerships with colleges and universities, and similar opportunities that can really make a difference.  If you would like further information about locating your business in South Carolina, please contact us.



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