Who We Are

Ritchie & Associates provides leadership and strength at the intersection – the convergence – of the powerful forces and complex issues that affect your organization. We deliver effective solutions to businesses and non-profit associations who often face substantial legal, operational and governmental challenges all at the same time.  We are all about digging in with you. We work hard to gain a clear understanding of your goals and then work shoulder to shoulder with you to address problems, remove obstacles and help you achieve success.

We’re passionate about delivering coordinated strategies, expert advice and practical plans – what we call “Convergent Solutions” – that not only solve challenges, but also identify opportunities for growth and success. Ritchie & Associates develops Convergent Solutions for each client based on their needs. We work with closely with you to create and execute a strategic plan and that recognizes and addresses the business, governmental relations and legal challenges in a coordinated and effective manner. With our years of experience with private companies, non-profits and government can address all of the issues in a coordinated and effective manner.  That’s what we do best.

Our team guides our clients through the complexities in the day-to-day legal matters, managing non-profits, navigating the world of governmental relations, and the challenges of working with domestic and foreign companies. You need seamless solutions not a series of disjointed consultants. You want effective and coordinated strategies that work together to achieve your goals. You need Convergent Solutions from Ritchie & Associates.

Ritchie & Associates has offices in Greenville and Columbia, South Carolina, as well as in Rome, Italy. Whether your organization is based in the US or abroad, a private company or non-profit association, we stand ready to provide you with professional and personal legal, governmental relations, association management and business solutions on a state, national and international basis.